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Right Fit

employee hiring app

This app helps growing startups and small business to performs HR jobs fast, easy and convenient way. From finding candidates, taking their interviews/tests to make job offer, it does most of the jobs. The app is programmed in such a way that it takes very less no. of steps and time to perform the job. This app also offers job opportunities for freelance or individual HR.

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Purple Circle

Organisational Newsletter App

Purple circle is an organisational newsletter app designed for Dr. Reddy’s Labs in 2015. The motive was to make a communication channel in the form of a mobile app through which client could reach out and send stories/updates on progress or benefits of various business initiatives to entire employee base of the organization in a prompt and engaging manner.

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E.R.P. software interface design

Persona is an overlaid software UI designed to work for SAP E.R.P. software. That E.R.P. software was a standard software, it contained many functions and steps that were not required for the client. So, the purpose was to make the process efficient and enhance the user experience while processing a task.

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School Reviews

See how schools are doing

Finding new schools for children is not an easy job, which school is the best? This platform helps parent to search a school based on many factors like school exam results, what other people says about it (reviews and rating by other student’s parents), how far it is from home and many more.

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Calibration & Maintenance App

Tablet app ui design

The motive of this project was to enhance the calibration and maintenance job inside the factory by replacing papers pads with tablet. The enhancement contained, getting real time data, analyse records, saving time and making process efficient.

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AI chat window UI design

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